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WeedMaps TV Episode III: Smoke On The Water Links Galore! Click here for more info about HTC, Tri-City Holistic & SDScrapiron.

Join Gil as he meets up with WeedMaps reviewers, collectives, and an awesome amount of weed n’ water! Rate and comment if you like the episode!


  • smoke on a plane fun

  • hey man, i think you should check out oaksterdam, california!

  • dont burn that head GILL

  • 4:13 you can hear a nuts car crash…wtf?!?! hahaha

  • 4:16 you can hear a nuts car crash…wtf?!?! hahaha

  • @nugporn If you ever get the time maybe you should try christinia..(Film'ing really not allowed) but come in the summer on a hot day maybe a concert going on it is great! will be a good adventure:))

  • @Corivatt lmao no, he spit a piece of the joint paper out lol i guess a bird flew buy when he did that… or it could have been the paper LOL funny tho, its like a blooper.

  • did gil spit out an airplane at 3:31?

  • You gotta do a strain review up in cuyamaca in the san diego mountains
    Adventures are everywhere u go up there

  • @rbass311 yeah I was apparently he can't get a venue this year.

  • @xrollxitupp113 yes obviuosly you need either a prescription, mmj card or federal license to buy from their "shop". Im from South Africa and weed is illegal here but that doesnt stop me and it shouldnt stop anyone else from blazing it up, Cannabis doesn't increase domestic violence, suicide, or sexual assaults, unlike Alcohol, our legal recreational alternative which is highly advertised & widely accepted. Enough is Enough, Free the Plant.

  • 1 blunt compared to 1 dab, good comparison

  • You guys will definitely hear from me very soon……………..Great Videos, Keep up the great work guys!!!!!

  • Hey Gil! great job, wish i could have it haha
    Im really enjoyin these new show formats!!!

    i get all excited about the sub-episodes becasue of these shows

  • visit the legend himself hashbean420. it would be cool to see you with dave warden from studio city POT as well!

  • Yes keep it coming and do more outdoor shoots!!!

  • nothing like going to the lake and burning all day, cant wait until summer!!

  • you shoulda hooked one of the awesome nugs to the hook of the rod you woulda caught a shit load of fish.

  • Im liking the video! music is great and so is the editing, love it Gil!

  • 2:55 – 3:05 My was watering when I saw this lol