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WeedMaps TV Episode I: The Colorado Scene Follow Gil on his adventure to Colorado as he hangs out with WilliamBreathes from The Westword, Jesse from Tree of Life, Jay from The Clinic, and a really awesome sign twirler from Cure Dispensary! Feel free to enjoy the jaw dropping nugs and concentrates in this episode and look forward for the expended segments in the next few days!


  • Toots and the maytals at the end. Cool.´╗┐

  • VAPE not smoke waaaay tastier´╗┐

  • When is Gil not high?

  • toots and the mytals for most of the end

  • That advertising guy wasn't using weed.

  • how the fuck do i get this job

  • what i would give to get to go on a trip with you haha

  • West coast!

  • whats the music?

  • It is 1,018.14 miles according to MapQuest. Maybe he did drive but its not right next door have you ever driven that far…Thousand miles pretty long drive

  • refrence a United States map

  • LMFAO, what an dumbfuck! Hahahahaha

  • no its not did you forget about the two states in between ut nv

  • What song is this at the beginning

  • usually if the grower had exported the seeds from Amsterdam or other places, they would know the name of the strain. I asked a friend of mine who grows weed in Lazarat, about the specific names and he started mentioning strains like "orange kush" "purple haze/kush" etc. They also get skunk weed seeds that's why we get fucked up when we smoke some times that "super-tritol"

  • we are starting to cultivate different kinds of weed from amsterdam. we import it from Netherlands and plant it. We have a village called Lazarat and everybody, I mean everybody there have planted weed. The police can't do nothing because they have weapons and selling weed is their only way of making money. Yea, we do have ragweed but we also have good weed too, just like in every country

  • Damn, im excited.

  • bet it's ragweed

  • No its not you fucking idiot

  • 303 represent!