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WeedMaps TV Ep VI: 420 Episode Join the WeedMaps crew as they travel to Denver, Colorado to spend 4/20 with some close friends. Join them as they go to the Cypress Hill 4/20 show, Sexy Pizza, the Annual NORML Conference, and a special performance by Ziggy Marley.


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  • only 3 more days boys!

  • April 20th 2013 in Colorado. Legal 4/20. Smells like freedom.

  • no?

  • How can I hang out with u guys?

  • if it were only that easy most want females

  • ahaha every one look at this douche bag his name is JAILPOTHEADSFORLIFE he has nothing to do but try to scare people that are enjoying them selves i went here and not one check point was in operation.

  • I wanna chill with you guys! get dabbed out to the max!

  • 2:44 Datsik & Zeds Dead

  • @Toxicpot76 colorado* sorry to medicated haha.

  • hahaha B-Real coloroda sign and vote for marijuana legalization.

  • 10:18 Cannabis cure UK is definitely not a first time dabber lol

  • I want some one to dab me 🙁

  • these pricks dont deserve to smoke cannabis.
    these fuks are all about money. not peace and love.
    come to seattle and get hanged high

  • Keep up the good work,but never forget that a lot of others r still living under draconian laws that abuse & violate our right to use collie herb , even Rastafarians,as I n I is,they stole all my "MEDICAL COLLIE,,& confiscated all my growing equipment,leaving me a terminally I'll man with no medicine,so please try to help our cause,coz we're still suffering coz of outdated & draconian laws,that take away our GOD given rights,so please spare a thought for us still being trod on by police

  • they're frankensteined XD

  • My Dream Job

  • 1:59 how fucking blazed