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WeedMaps TV Ep. IV: Back To Colorado Yet another installment of Gil’s WeedVentures! This time he goes back to Colorado to meet with some old friends, and to make some new friends as well!


  • I want this dudes job

  • Gil what if you visited the green house seed company in amsterdam?

  • hey gil do you remember what was the name of the oozing plant?;)

  • good job Gill

  • anyone else think he looks like a stupid retarted stepchild

  • @gaucho199 I disagree. There is a tree in asia some were that leaks when the bark is torn. I bett this is shuch a reson smoke that it could.

  • wax= underpurged oil

    step up the concentrate game guys

    also absolutely no way does any bud "leak" sap similar to the oil extracted using a nonpolar solvent..

  • Gil sounds like a molester.

  • @rbass311 ur a douche

  • wait what is the name of strain that had all that gooey resin on it?

  • @nugporn whats the name of the strain???

  • song at 3:31?


  • @rbass311 AHAHA!!! omg dude, you're totally right, the place i've been going every week for the last 3 years has just been a figment of my imagination. thank god for you bro, or i'd be so lost and worried that im not smoking the same exact think as you. thank you so much, i dont know what i'd do without you knowing my life better than me or else i'd just keep making the same mistakes! looks like you win the youtube fight champ! phew… thank goodness for youtube. lol peace and pot brother. hahah

  • @billj500 well is so then that is impressive

  • Gil I want your life please

  • gil creeps me out but he is a photographer

  • It's not producing anything its obviously been dipped in oil aka honey bud, watched a video with chubbs smoking some

  • you and chubbs need to swap youtube names…the fact that he has "marijuana reviews" is a joke…the video he posted on 04/13 showed his true colors. he needs to change his name to nuggetryporn….since he doesn't review anything marijuana related unless its related to his business.
    Anyway…another good video Gil…keep it up. Not a big fan of your youtube name though…
    Weedmaps is doing a good job of being way ahead of the curve for a marijuana dispensary locator.

  • @rbass311 or he could be a narrow-minded individual such as yourself who feels that they know everything and can no longer learn from another person or simply take a suggestion and shut themselves off to innovations of the world because "he already knows everything." or you could look at our conversation and realize that, thank god, he isnt like yourself and is gonna try to make a stop down there to see whats up and maybe see something new, maybe not. But what do i know, i'm just a "fag" right?