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WeedMaps TV: Connoisseur Kulture Event 2012 Follow Angelo as he tours around the Connoisseur Kulture Event at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica, CA and gets the scoop on the new and inventive products that could change the way you smoke your medicine.


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  • Big-O titties

  • The ez pipe is kinda cool.

  • love watching videos like this. Feels like im there with you all. Peace

  • Double bowl pipe. interesting. 2 different bud at once

  • Holy fuck im coming there

  • Lmao grinder cards

  • I want one of the magnifying glass things haha

  • how the hell did i miss this show!!

  • thought angelo was good in the small time he was on camera

  • fuck this kid

  • lets see you prove they are real, wait you can't cause only paranoid retards believe in the illuminati or the nwo. little bitch stop being paranoid it is just your shadow

  • you sound mad bro, R U MAD BRO?

  • Hope your family is okay… peace ..

  • angelo killed it

  • Because i'm a patient and shouldn't be treated like a consumer. No hate, real spit.

  • Haha yeah, making us more stupid.

  • Is that a canibus inhaler at 4:26

  • P.L.u.R.R. Family <3 Angelo

  • epic products ! –