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WeedMaps: Strain Review Grape Romulan North Seattle Medical Collective of Seattle – August 10th, 2013 – Check our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu. Please like and comment this video if you enjoy the view and support Cannabis culture worldwide!

Gil samples some Grape Romulan from North Seattle Medical Collective in Seattle, WA. Get ready for Seattle Hempfest 2013!

North Seattle Medical Collective


  • I live n a state where its still illegal. But the quality is superb. (W.V.).

  • That peice is beautiful

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  • Really good review gill makes me wanna sample but ima so cal patient romulan sucks down here

  • review more seattle/washington dispensaries 

  • This guy really said wake up Seattle? I didnt even know people smoked weed in Colorado till they passed that law. Seattles always been about weed, wake up.

  • whats the name of that song? anyone?????

  • Yeah man blackberry kush is one of my favorites and there's lots of good stuff out there, I was lucky enough to get cannabis cup weed 2 months ago and that stuff was on point.

  • This looks fire

  • Im high just waching this

  • Watch out with the pigs

  • I know you been busy Gil but damn what happened to the strain reviews!!! By far my favorite videos to watch!!!

  • good 🙂

  • Oh okay 🙂 I apologize then, my bad :3

  • A month later buddy, good job. I was reefering to how Washington IS IGNORED on youtube until recently.. Since the Dr. Suptapoopa "im sorry" video has brought a lot of newbies..

  • You must be clueless then lol.

  • looks like regular romulan. plus romulan already has a grape skittle smell so its probly just a added name for better sales. romulan is a beast strain already and doesnt need any help for sho. great review tho always crisp camera work. respect.

  • who the fuck would fall that?

  • it aint going to snoop dogg the weed is gonna go str8 down smoked through your throat.

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