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WeedMaps Short – Rollin’ A Blunt With The Homies – News Oct 23, 2012 – Rollin’ A Blunt With The Homies

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“The Light” (feat. Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth)


  • Not enough blunts for a circle of people

  • u could do a cigar with these blunt wrapes …so its the same its just faster to roll it.
    and at the end we just all want to have a good smoke 🙂

  • we e munch at the end love it

  • cuz he probably packed it ese..

  • i dont understand, are blunt wraps good or bad?

  • question..why didn't he put in all the bud that was left? haha

  • "the light" by Seedless. Such a great local band out of OC

  • epic cake!!!
    the cake is a lie

  • Black White Owls!! Fuck everything else

  • that loose ass blunt!!! haha

  • what is the nname of the song ??

  • now all you need to do is educate them on using real "rated" cigars and you will achieve superhero status lol sombody really needs to start pointing out that all of the popular cigars used are most likely made of the most fucked up tobacco in the world. phillies and dutches to me look strange when compared closely to the adverage 10$ cigar not sure if its even real tobacco lol

  • Hay!! Quick question,, How did you record this video?? I would really appreciate if you could tell me how did you do the 360º rotation?? Thanks for your time!! Keep Spreading the Love!! Light

  • if you like blunts go get yourself a White Cat cigarillo , it's better than a Swisher.. Thank me later

  • Nothing like a fully filled up Philly to get you high as fuck. Fuck blunt wraps!

  • im guessing its his preferance. like the fact that i prefer blunts over bongs. cant beat good times passing of the blunt wit friends

  • what do you mean

  • everything you need to make a HIGH NIGGA PIE!

  • Never tried a blunt, but thumbs up anyways =)

  • the way i see this arguement of tobacco with cannbis is this tobaco is hot sauce abd weed is a some good food you can enjoy the full flavor or cover it with hot sauce