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WeedMaps: Private Reserve OG Strain Showcase Rite Greens Santa Ana I had the chance to visit Rite Greens in Santa Ana after hours for a strain showcase. In this video Brandon and I check out the Private Reserve OG that is grown on site at their Santa Ana location.

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Artist: Jinx
Song: Ganja

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Funeral Kings Mixtape by Jinx
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  • Lol i know this brandon guy, he used to live in lake forest.

  • That is NOT The best trim job! OG's have golf ball nugs, super easy to clean up the rest of those fan leafs. Especially if his crew was only trimming 4 lights. 

  • I picked up yesterday TOP SHELF and I got a seeed can I grow 

  • rite greens shits on every dispensary in orange county

  • i wish i was as baked ass u man haha

  • I really like how Gil does reviews. Really professional and mature.

  • Gil I understand what you're talking about ("It can be a bit disconcerting and odd when you have lights and cameras in your face and you're really really high"). If I can make a suggestion: try watching some stand up comedy prior to an interview. It helps me considerably to loosen up. Props for being high and having a camera facing you, I would never be able to do that! Also, did they shut down the place in Santa Fe Springs where they had Abusive Cut OG? If so, what other place has it? THANKS!

  • what is private reserve? iv had some but i never knew why they called it private reserve

  • What is that they are smoking out of? They are really cool pieces I'd love one if anyone can tell me where to get it?

  • even though purp isnt as amazing as these, i wanna see a showcase of it.

  • word.

  • i want some weed send me some to canada

  • aweser me please

  • hi i want some weed send me weed to canada

  • With amount of oils and dabs they do, you think they would! They could even do a glass of the week too with all the pieces they have.

  • When are they gonna open at 6AM like last year ? The sign on the door when they switched said "Winter" hours changed to 8am…

  • looks a little premature..cheers

  • Hadn't thought about it, but I am now… Thanks for sharing your idea! Peace – Gil

  • Not related. Don't think they've met even. Small world though, so it's possible they've met…! Peace – Gil

  • This is likely to happen one day… Peace – Gil