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WeedMaps Lost Nugporn Files: Secret Cup Dabcam – News August 5th, 2013‬

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  • Sweet edit

  • nicely done, good edit.

  • Cool concept <3

  • mmm all that butane in your lungs

  • 1:01 so thats why rob kardashin got fat hes been gettin baked and munchin out.

  • Turn up!!!!

  • waste of time

  • That was really creative, great music, great shots, loved it!

  • that trap shitttt

  • you have noooooo clue what your talking about hahahahahahaha cant believe you just said that lol

  • music?

  • Just like it takes a process to get all the water out of a bubble hash, so there is also a process for getting all that butane out. Also just as an FYI people sometimes use butane cans for their inhalants needs. And yet even that amount of butane damages their brain before their lungs. I really wish you were open to changing your mind about this, instead of being so damn stubborn you could be in a brand new world with extracts that are both made with butane and then completely purged.

  • i only smoke full melt bubble buddy haha you think your so smart. have fun when your lungs are gone

  • If you could speak proper English. Some people might actually believe you. You, of course, butcher almost every other word. I can only take (from that) that you put in the same amount of effort into everything in your life. Your research into this has probably never even begun. Just wild claims with no basis are what is coming out of your keyboard.

    Unless you can bring forward some sort of proof that medical concentrates contain massive amounts of butane.. You're the BHOtard.

  • love how you think you know what your talking about
    your a bhotard

  • Magweedo!!!!!


  • I think you need to learn that you are just a complete dumb ass. Only improperly purged extracts contain any amount of detectable butane. There MIGHT be a few parts per million in any medical grade, and you inhale far far greater amounts when you spark a bowl. So PLEASE go spread your misinformation where someone won't call you out, while you are at it, go fuck yourself with a stick for harming MMJ's name.