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WeedMaps: Honeycomb Wax Showcase Rite Greens Santa Ana Torch Tubes Join Gil as he visits Rite Greens in Santa Ana for an after hours concentrate showcase. In this video Brandon and Gil check out the Honeycomb wax at the Santa Ana location. They also have a unique selection of artistic scientific glass creations to help get the material into their body as efficiently as possible.

Special musical thanks to:
Foster Care presents Funeral Kings “The Mixtape” by Jinx
Song: Ganja


  • Honeycomb still is my favorite form of concentrate 

  • stop wasting your dabs on a fckn glass tray…. it dont get high

  • Concentrates are going to be the downfall of the medical marijuna movement. You people should just be content with the flower form and stop trying to manipulate the natural plant.

  • Hows about work, hustle, and save?

  • Hahah I would not use those dope ass rigs hahh probley a pain when it comes to cleaning them lmfao so sick tho

  • If I just had enough money, I'd PAY to do this job lol.

  • You must be so fucked up

  • i want all of this in christmas .. sure in my table :3

  • That worm sucks tho

  • My god i need to try some of there wax..

  • i like this weed show the best,

  • blow that in the DEA's face

  • Man Gilly b gettn high as fuck

  • wow sickest bongs I've seen

  • I dont smoke weed I vape Medicine. Vaporizer. That new way of inhaling 😀

  • this man has the best job ever.

  • looks like cheese nips!

  • By far the most advanced bong tokes i've ever seen! Probably 3,000 Dollar waterpipes Incredible nugporn Truly. peace n pot everyone!!

  • why you hatin on gil bro

  • Invite me next time you do a demonstration on tha real hahaha