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WeedMaps: Downtown L.A. Collective x Kreayshawn Interview Watch this exclusive interview with hip-hop star KreayShawn as she checks out the goods at Downtown L.A. Collective.

Watch Kreayshawn’s sick video “Gucci Gucci”:

Song: “8-Bit Hip Hop Medley”
Produced by: Jesse Tugboat


  • Lol grape ape

  • Green ape

  • U got all that money… been smoking for 8 yrs and u choose SHAKE?! EPIC FAIL

  • That dispensary looks amazing, Mainly because their product is stored in giant wall size glass containers like candy or popcorn.

  • Kra Kra

  • Hahahah I installed the cameras there!!!

  • real shit man real shit

  • I GOT A QUESTION – How Do You Get the sale weed like that too anyone over 18, So like if i go, i can get some ?

  • yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss lol 🙂

  • i didnt like her

  • do you think that will make a difference…?


  • she's retarded high, rather check out the buds and listen to the 8 bit hip hop remixes instead

  • Love your videos, keep em coming!

  • I know oil is king in so-cal but I would love to see some great bubble!

  • Everyone is right. What you guys need, if you are REALLY trying to push for medical marijuana, are PATIENTS: people that really inspire. Not celebrities that flaunt their use with no real medical relevance. This video is awful (almost as bad as those binging videos, which glorify abuse and cannabis as a competition). Let's not view cannabis like alcohol, which already uses celebrity endorsement and statistically gives alcohol users a bad rep (I personally don't condone alcohol/substance abuse)

  • Interview NJWEEDMAN someone really on the frontlines!

  • This one segment that we showcased, we will definitely be featuring more videos based around medical marijuana. In the mean time please check out some of our past releases such as our SC Labs feature.

  • i love her

  • All you people hatin on a beautiful little stoner chick, SHAME ON YOU! Get a grip.