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Weedmaps Doctor’s Office Tour – Ventura Medical Doctors

Looking for a medical marijuana recommendation in North Hollywood? Look no further than Ventura Medical Doctors! Check out this quick doctor’s office tour and see how easy it is to get a rec card today.

Check out their Weedmaps listing for more information:


  • I live in Long Beach Cali. We have delivery here as well. No walk ins. Only walk ins for the doctor. SOME dr.'s not all. 60.00 sounds like a lot. My brother got his in L.A. county for 45.00. I don't have mine yet but looking into it.

  • I got my rec from this place I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. None of those people in the video actually work there it's just some old Arab and he's kind of a dick

  • 250$$ for a growers rec???????????????????????

  • Wack
    Place I went to only asked for ID and paid 60 for both recommendation and card?

  • the music tho the music too dope, love that beat and keys.

  • $60, wow. Down here in OC we don't pay more than $30 for a rec

  • lol that lady is way too happy

  • dan

    where is the weed

  • You could bullshit that you have a medical condition and they still will give you a recommendation.Quit calling it medical and just be real,it's recreational! If they don't give it to you then the corrupted doctor won't get paid.That is why they will give it.every body wants a piece of the bread.

  • Lol, Ventura Blvd doesn't need anymore weed doctors or weed stores! At least the prices are competitive though. 

  • ok

  • Haha it is! u roll up and dam ur in jail. Lmfao