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Weedmaps Dispensary Tour – Surf City Collective

Check out Huntington Beach’s TOP RATED dispensary, Surf City Collective!

Visit their Weedmaps listing for current house hours and menus!

Surf City Collective
19142 Beach Blvd Unit Y
Huntington Beach, CA, 92648


  • I went to the one in Lawndale its the same I got the private reserve og an butter og an sunset sherbet all 3 really good. The female was cute huge space lots of flowers. go check it out.

  • Ahhhh deez niggas just got shut downn!!! LOL RIP surf city tho

  • she's a 9.4/10

  • Look at them prices most dispen $40-$60 1/8? weed prices didnt go dwn.if you have a dispen you have all the space and equipment hence why your open .weed should be $100 oz if in a dispen..

  • When are you going to release a strain review again? I miss you Gil. :(

  • overcharging

  • Very nice set up!

  • That organic sativa special (forget the name) looks real nice, how I'd love something like that as my local.

  • next time lower the music a bit you can't hear her very well

  • Same strains that the crown collective have that private reserve,hitman cookies,candy jack,berners cookies all top dank!!!

  • Gil always goes on a dispensary tour that fuckin weed head?????

  • I like how at the front desk there was a sign hanging with a guy's ID that just said BANNED..I wonder what you have to do to get that ahaha

  • This place is 30 minutes from me, I'll have to check them out. Btw, all you guys saying this budtender is hot – she does have that sexy librarian look but she's a 6 at best. I think when we come across a chick who smokes weed and is remotely fuckable we tend to think they are a lot more physically attractive than they really are

  • I hate how they say there volunteering even tho there getting payed.

  • ayyy i just picked up an eighth from there today! Great staff and overall store.

  • All babes that work there lol