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Weedmaps Dispensary Tour – South Bay’s Finest – Visit our Weedmaps listing for current house hours and menus!

South Bay’s Finest
655 W 7th St San Pedro, CA, 90731


  • Over priced meds.

  • Can not WAIT to find out if this place is the shiznicki, as it says!!! From the LBZ…P.J.    P.S.–anyone down to know the results of my visit? Hmu, but only right here. See ya!

  • Lol cheeba chews , so many duds… In their "deca dose"

  • The Netherlands been showing the way for 30 years and America( one of the hardest against drugs) legalizes it in some states and has amazing products and shops….come on the UK ,backwards as ever votes in the tories another 5 years till it could become legal 

  • No strains over $10 dollars please!

  • Whenever texas passes over, ohhhhhhh!! You guys better come visit us! lol Cheers!!

  • this bitch is ugly!!

  • You look you try you like you buy simple.

  • I rather work here full time instead of volunteering??????

  • "South Bay's Finest" not even in the Bay Area; fake ass punks. Your meds are nothing compared to the bay area's fire. Stop lying to customers!

  • I only go with concentrates since it has no smell like the plants and it does not taste like butane with the edibles, their's no way you mask that butane taste off the edibles.

  • lol that Cheeba Chew story was so random

  • My buddy owns this shop

  • I volunteer here…….we only take cash $ haha hahaha hahaha