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Weedmaps Dispensary Tour – Pure Green – Visit our Weedmaps listing for current house hours and menus!

Pure Green
(971) 242-8561
3738 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97232


  • Finally, people will get to see how us Oregonians buy herb

  • If this was legal fuck I would be in heaven. Wonder how often these shops get rolled with so much weed in them lol.

  • looks like a truly wonderful shop, run by wonderful people. how things naturally need to be with this. how can this be illegal anywhere is beyond me.

  • "… sativa mind engagement. "


  • can't wait to check out the Portland scene! 

  • It seems all people care about now as far as strains go is Girl Scout Cookies and OG kush. It depresses me.

  • Smoking Fiyah all the time

  • Aside from being the ceo of weed maps how does an average person get a medical card/ go to dispensaries in another state that they dont reside in? you have to get a oregon state ID then get a med card there or use your CA rec and license to get a OR rec?

  • I gotta say this is the most down to earth dispensary tour I think ive watched, all the others feel like they are too rehearsed, plus im getting tired of sleezy chicks who know nothing about bud being the bud tenders.

  • everything for real 10 bucks a gram?? damn for all of that quality medicine, I could get in on that!

  • Is CBD free from THC?

  • is this guy an idiot or what? the guy speaking at 0:50, he seems retarded not to know the word "best". Webster defines best as "better than all others in quality or value; most skillful, talented, or successful; most appropriate, useful, or helpful". If this guy claims to have the BEST flower, BEST concentrates, BEST staff, certainly you are bullshitting, there are hundreds of others out there and none of their flowers/concentrates/staff won any prizes/cups/awards. so shut the fuck up please, learn english