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Weedmaps Dispensary Tour – PÜR – Please check our listing on Weedmaps for our current hours and menu.


  • They're out of business now! :*/

  • who's store is that

  • who's store is that

  • I just got back, and I must say, everything about this place is top notch! From the moment you walk-in the door you can tell it's legitness. I got flower this time around, and overall amazing quality. A candy store for the cannabis lover:)

  • I wish NY would just go legal

  • wtf u have a can of wd40?

  • Best dispensary in Michigan Free Food Hot Dogs And Popcorn and Soda for the stoners. The bud. is beautiful even the lower priced stuff will blow the doors off most street stuff. Bud is placed in bottles that come with your name on it and the content of thc in the strain contained within served in a prescription bottle just like your pills. I hope this place is open to stay

  • Beautiful Budtender
    much love from amsterdam!

  • No Beer just soda that's fucked up???????????

  • i didnt know africans  & anglos  listing  to techno.ahhh its probley owned buy a african gang member so true

  • good looking club. i likey

  • The Motor city goes diesel!

  • how does detroit have a dispensary and mass does not? weedmaps will u help me expose the scam their running up here?

  • Im to scruffy to be in there.

  • Go Michigan! -cheers from Cali

  • Good Tokes. 

  • Much more safer hygienic and civilized than scoring on a street corner off some shady looking character that pays no tax and might not be there tomorrow.

  • Yea she is hella chilled out it sound like she is high though kuz she is talking so slow.


  • Can she maybe talk slower next time… I could not understand what she said because she was talking so fast!