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Weedmaps Dispensary Tour – Product Development Collective – Visit our Weedmaps listing for current house hours and menus!

Product Development Collective
(360) 268-7161
1628 A State Route 105, Grayland, WA 98547


  • Looks like a nice little place. The big guy was funny!

  • Just for the record. Atm and credit card companies want to charge the user around 2.95 per debit or credit card transaction. We here at PDC will not do that to our patients.  We are asked weekly to have them put in at no charge to us. Thank you
     and have a great day

  • "no credit cards, its cash only. we dont want to charge patients more money than they have to pay to get their medication" literally makes no sense considering using a credit card doesn't cost you any money if you pay it off in full. pretty lame excuse for not excepting credit.

  • Weedmaps Dispensary Tour – Product Development Collective

  • You guys should do a dispensary tour of Herbal Healing in WA…

  • Chumli from Pawn Stars made an appearance

  • Worst looking products i've seen on weed maps 24%cbd wtf is that these guys are clowns 

  • weird strains

  • is cbd inactive when smoked?

  • Yet to see a dispensary that offers braille labeled products, or perhaps a budtender who knows sign language. Not saying it's totally necessary since most handicaps can get around just fine, but it'd be something else wouldn't it?

  • I'm dying of laughter…no way is this video serious…ahahahah this HAS to be a parody. 

  • 24% cbd???

  • can you just stop using the word 'medicate' ?

  • Leafy poo, trim those nugs.

  • Were this grams of shatta in the shape of bees? Or were those candy?

  • LOL,Big dude  with the beard looked VERY medicated.I bet that's why you guys don't sell edibles because he eats them all?Just kidding.I'm high don't listen to me.Just thought it was cool that grizzly Adams works there..Shit I am old….I also like amber shatter.I bet it is dank stuff..Good luck with your dispensary!

  • Slabs looking all dark n shit