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Weedmaps Dispensary Tour – Green Tree Remedy – Visit our Weedmaps listing for current house hours and menus!

GTR Green Tree Remedy
8871 Katella Ave., Anaheim, CA 92804


  • Note to self, don't jerk off on jeans before going in there. Black lights!

  • I've been here a few times. The bud was good but I found better clinics.

  • That girl tho! =)

  • This place rocks! Clean and friendly staff.

  • i wonder when people will wrap their heads around the fact that thc bonds itself to the butane on a molecular level. which means no matter how much purging vaccing or whatever you claim you are doing the butane is always there. you are all addicted to butane. bho idiots keep up the good work.

  • shwaaaag

  • Hasn't bong loaded been going there lately? Seems pretty damn dank to me.

  • +bongloaded

  • Hahahahahahah she use medical marijuana for help with her stress and anxiety riiiggghhhtt                       WINK (;

  • best bud in OC. nice to see my home town on this shit

  • I claim her.

  • Nice

  • Why do they say there volunteering when you can clearly see they work there.

  • WOWW SMALL WORLD used to go to green tree ALL THE TIME, great spot check it out