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Weedmaps Dispensary Tour – Green Door Alternative – Visit our Weedmaps listing for current house hours and menus!

Green Door Alternative
7304 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI, 92870


  • bud is ok not to bad 20 a gram is a bit high i dont mine if it good

  • Best dispensary in all of Detroit. I had Heather as my first budtender and every one after that has been just as awesome. They have a huge selection, very well arranged and I haven't had a bad strain from here yet. Larry cares about his patients.

  • I fux with dem daily trust me they have good and bad that's everywhere but they show major love the females are sexy the girl u see in the video got a FAT ASS

  • What is the differents of a dispence and a coffieshop 

  • Nothing over 20 per gram lmao! I would hope you wouldnt have anything over 10 a gram dumb bitch

  • lmfao I saw the title and I was like must be a common name. didn't know you were filming in MI haha

  • They shouldn't sell blunts or other tabacco products in a Dispensary it just seems stupid to me. We're trying to let people know that Cannabis is harmless & TABACCO KILLS! Only papers or vapes should be sold. Buy ur blunts at a liquor store.

  • 20 a gram,??? you don't see that shit out here in California, type of shit is that, ole high ass mid-grade bullshit..Come to Cali if you want a real deal on some kill. 

  • Dumbest dispensary review ever! 

  • Looks like they have a pretty good selection 

  • thought that was e-40 for a second lmao

  • lol at second 32 she says December 20,2014 that day hasnt even come yet lol

  • Amazing to see the city of Detroit working its way back up. This will hopefully help revitalize the economy there. Good Tokes. 

  • IMO the bag of Kill Bill looked larfy. Just keeping it real. Even the bigger buds weren't big. Popcorn buds are mid grade and I hate spending my money on that. Maybe next time a close up and a money shot on a cola sized bud. 

  • Didn't enjoy this review at all, there was no information about any of the cannabis only deals they have on cannabis for there "weekly specials". Only one strain was even mentioned and there was nothing said about it but the name…. either one of two things are here in this video, your employees need more cannabis knowledge cause there was NONE PRESENT or the person who's Orchestrating this video needs to take a better approach to marketing themselves. YOU ARE SELLING CANNABIS PRODUCTS NOT THE STORE. 1/10. LTD™

  • Midwest cannabis, hell yes! I want to see dispensaries like this accessible in Illinois.

  • 20 a g though

  • that shit hole city lol that place is getting robbed