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Weedmaps Dispensary Tour – Euclid Medical Center (EMC) – Visit our Weedmaps listing for current house hours and menus!

9757 Garden Grove Blvd #5,
Garden Grove, CA 92841


  • Cutie.

  • $2 grams


  • 45 cap means that the eights are capped at $45 but their private reserve hardcore og is $50 an eight

  • Hi Megan – what a good job you all did with this video! Thanks for the link 🙂  – Cat K.

  • She did way better than the last girl

  • megan is beautiful and this place looks incredible its whole new world out there ive been battered abused verbally and physically where i live be it from police or people who hate cannabis im sick of being in a place where i cant smoke my herb freely as i please after work whatever… california and the most of USA is calling me to join, im saving

  • I'm in love

  • yea

  • We donated 3000lbs……… of canned goods LMAO

  • Price cap not spending cap you morons!

  • I've never smoked their weed but these guys have been around for a long time, since around 2009. One of the very few that survived…

  • She's hot! I'm going down there..

  • I think they need a hotter girl to star in this video. Oh my god she is soo cute!

  • 45 dollar spending cap? Lol how do people buy ounces then

  • God damn it I wish Dispensaries existed in Florida!!!

  • Nicole Ritchie

  • So if i mention her name do i get a free gram? :)

  • She looks so familiar!! Gorgeous girl!