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WeedMaps: Deep Green Festival in San Francisco This video has been re-released due to to server issues we were having. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Join the WeedMaps team as they take a trip to San Francisco for the 2nd annual Earth Day Celebration.
This year The Deep Green Festival brought us an even more compelling mix of educational attractions, inspiring speakers, high quality vendors, unique products, eco-solutions, great food, live music and DJs, visionary art, intelligent discourse, activism, dancing and FUN! They are committed to bringing broader awareness and deeper understanding of cannabis and its true potential as a medical, nutritional and industrial resource.


  • Hey Gil, I was wondering if you could squeeze in WilliamBreathes into a vid again, I really like when you guys are together

  • fuck yeah its good to see weed activism in san fran cuz im gona be going up there for college

  • Granny purps is so over priced

  • I wish my gf was hippie

  • From an educational view this was actually one of the best conferences to attend.

  • Sorry you didn't like it redbeard, hopefully our future releases will more up your alley. Cheers!

  • glad you're entertained

  • yawning festival

  • JB

    0:30 im pretty dabbed but that broad looks like janeane garofalo

  • this event was fucking dope i loved it!! And why are all of you fuckheads complaining??? as if weedmaps is obligated to entertain you faggots?

  • Like you had anything better to do. lmao I'm going to sue you for being a douche.

  • did you see the little girl running out at 0:48

  • The re release didnt make this vid any better….just sayin

  • ooooooooooooo u called me pussy, i so offended im so mad u insulted me im totally going to reply back with something even more immature like urra fag or bitch but instead imma sit back and smoke a bowl and laugh my ass off at u 🙂 now have a nice day kind sir 😉

  • Back in 06 i was at that spot for a Hydroponic convention. Met a bunch of cool growers that weekend.

  • LOL @ Best Part 1:35

  • you watched the vid, show some accountability pussy.

  • if that was possible, i'd sue everyone in my life

  • when it ended…..

  • 1:34 best part