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WeedMaps Creative Office

Quick phone cam tour…


  • U guys still in Newport??

  • ugh i would love a job there…

  • @nugporn Gil thanks for all your postings. As a siezur patient in Vegas with no mmj meds I appreciate the time and effort in reviews. See you in Vegas bro…

  • I'm curious: How does weedmaps make money? Do you get paid by advertising specific dispenseries?

  • this place is the bomb.

  • I swear, at 0:16 I saw something that resembled a dick but I think it was just a chair.

  • ok, i know business because i've owned a few in my day. you have what? 2500-5000sqft there? and your in CA? weedmaps must be doing well. i'm sure you're rent aint cheap…

    then again, commercial real estate is fucked right now and there are so many vacancies that you can score a good deal. glad to see you guys moving on up, do another video once the office is 100% up and runnng. looks like you guys are still getting settled. peace.

  • i LOVE the Flippy Floppies lol , flip flot ah flip a flop .. im ripped lol

  • Gil.. when is the last time you wore some shoes homie??? or is it always flip flops!

  • glad to see weed maps is doing well! ballin office! I want to see more strain reviews!! anything that has gil taking monster rips!

  • Hey what's up gil! Any word on the sandiego medical cannibus cup? Well hope to see u guys down here reviewing sum more oasis and cal best meds!

  • id do anything to work in that office… ahhh

  • I luv being a Cali/ 3 year patient. 🙂 🙂 losers 🙂

  • I wish my office had a zen room and smoking balcony.

  • looking forward to the new inspired videos you guys will be putting on the tube! sweet setup for sure! keep that shit ROLLinG

  • i love being zen, takes you to mystical places

  • fuck yeah…thumbs up if you wanna work there

  • I wanna work here. :

  • Sweet office!! Everyone over at weedmaps must have so much fun together it looked like the most chill working environment

  • @PalmerF420 yes someone for gods sake plz make texas a medical state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!