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WeedMaps: 710 Cup Denver Part 1

Join Gil at the first annual 710 Cup, meeting up with the competitors, chatting with the legendary cannabis figures such as Mila Jansen and of course sampling the finest dabs Colorado has to offer!

Watch Part 2:
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  • God bless you Gil

  • Cathryn is fuckin fine how can I follow her on IG

  • Whats good bro? My names big leroy ill be d9ing my own coverage on the 710 cup 2014 you coming

  • sick of hiphop narcissistic ignorant shitwads poisoning the weed scene

  • I want to see this formal. everyones got their tux or dress on. Cheesy classical music playing in the back ground. It would be a real smashing time meh meh.

  • I was there

  • Ok ive never had a dab before because in my state extracts are near impossible to find ,but anyway, whats a full melt? Why is a full melt better than a non full melt?

  • oh my god nikka t your hair is disgusting you sick looking freak dirty aides hair

  • Girl is dumb as shit.

  • Dang

  • Gil, lets set up a cup here in the valley of Cali? Got lots of Extractionists from novice to Master! Hit me up yo! Billyuba

  • i legit feel bad for these people they must have insane tolerance i would probably tap out after 4 dabs let alone 74 haha

  • Kathryn is firee, im dwn to match it up nd chop it up

  • This needs more views 🙂


  • tee heee i love dabs tee heee, bitch stfu

  • Nikka T like Marge Simpson

  • i got myself a homemade 1, shit works good tho

  • haha