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Weed Prices in Washington State!!


I answer a couple of questions I was asked in the comments of other videos!! Today I talk about the cannabis prices here in Washington! I’m smoking on some Jack the Ripper flowers and some White Fire OG wax! Hope everyone is having a good day!


  • Dude $20 g's are pretty much the base price for dispos in california. Only thing they sell for $10 a g is shake. I'm moving to washington.

  • What music/song is playing in the background? Can you post the music you use in each of your videos? I will love you forever. I LOVE it. In EVERY video!

  • Regular prices in Nevada basically. My buddy got a dollar(100 sack for new smokers) for $100(duh…)of Platinum Cookies

  • cali 10 a gram 25 n 8th n 45 a quarter that's if u know the right people and that's top shelf cookies kcgdp kk Ogs all that

  • lmfaoooo made the night bro! Cheers :)

  • I pay 55  but I'm in az

  • you probably dont work, just make money off youtube lazy fuck

  • USA

    to be honest i'm all for recreational weed but the big argument people made was how much they were willing to let it get taxed so if a way you kind of asked for it yourself by basically saying you;ll submit to any proposals that would make it legal.

  • Out here in NC (not legal yet 🙁 lol) Everywhere its $20/g. I personally pay $40-$45 1/8 and $80 1/4.

  • vapin on some blue dream from Oakland! So good! and eating on some doritos :p

  • TGA strains Josh. Thanks for the reviews.

  • that's what's up I'd like to move there to Washington but I'd have to hit you up lol 10 bucks a g that's awesome

  • in UK it's £10 for gram £20 for an eighth £25 for a 3.5g £40 for a que cba to put the rest

  • why the fuck is his face so fat in his early videos man i love watching but damn it bugs me out watching the earlier vids

  • lol nigga you looked and sounded funny.

  • I'm from Kirkland, I've lived in south Carolina for two years. It cost me 15-20$ a gram for low grade "good" weed (also known as LOUD) They have this crap called Mids, it's premature bud grown outside, and that shits five a G. Wax…. It's almost unheard of here. I had to explain to my boyfriend and his friends what shatter was LOL it's like a third world country over here. I'm going to make a reply video for you. :3 Write me back?

  • 10$ A gram for medical cannabis

  • love the method man beat in the background! but yeah, you're crazy lucky you're paying $10 for a gram! in california, at least in the east bay/berkeley area we're looking at $20 for a gram; sometimes more. however, a lot of dispensaries/ deliveries do a free gram for first time patients, so that's nice! anyways, i'm a huge fan! thanks for doin' what ya do

  • I live in Spokane Washington and I can get very nice nugs at the dispensery for $7 a gram. There are steep prices if you dont look for the sales though. 8th's not on sale go for on average $35, but you can find them for $25 or less

  • Damn here in the bay area northern cali i can get an eighth of some top shelf for 20 and a half gram of some shatter for 15