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Weed News – Virginia Legalizes Hemp

Virginia is finally making moves with hemp… it only took about 7 decades. #weednews

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  • Will West Virginia legalize hemp next?

  • The Supreme Court will have to help legalize cannabis. Just the very preponderance of states that say yes to cannabis reform will cause the whole issue to come to a tipping point that won't be denied. I've learned that Virginia is the latest state to say yes to cannabis legalization.

  • Let's legalize weed #legalize420

  • The cynic inside me says this is big tobacco, Monsanto, and the government gearing up to produce GMO weed for the masses.

  • где Geel??

  • A D

    Tightly regulated bullshit. I need a license to grow a non-psychoactive plant to make some paper, twine or oil? GTFOOH

  • First hemp then fentynal. It's tragic.

  • Legalize all of it.

  • hemp is a waste of the cannabis.