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Weed News – TSA’s Policy on Marijuana

Flying anytime soon? Did you know what the TSA’s policy on Marijuana is?

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  • kill Nazi pigs on sight. thats american putos

  • I've flown inside the state of California multiple times with weed. however I'm a medical patient. I called sac int airport before I flew and they said as long as your paperwork is with it and it's checked, not carried on you should be fine. it depends on how strict the person who opens your bag is. I've flown with up to like 2 Oz's. usually I fly from Sacramento to San Diego. both huge airports in CA.

  • Now, what's their policy on cocaine?

  • Fuck tsa

  • My policy on cops is shoot first

  • Famous words of one Alaskan woman "fuck it I quit" haha she's dope?

  • I almost always take weed on planes, I've never had any issues

  • ehhhh I wouldn't risk it, I'll just eat edibles before my flight lol

  • Omg! Thank you for sharing important info on Air laws, I don't have basic tv but only wifi internet feeds on YouTube to keep me update on the laws faster than media news can't do what you do✌????blaze on!

  • I dont quite understand what this means for everyone.

  • cool