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Weed News – Cannabis May Improve Night Vision

Remember when your parents said eat your carrots and it will help you see better? How about smoke your weed and you can see better in the dark!

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  • Yes weed does help improve night vision but has any one taken shrooms at night and noticed ho much better you can see in the night . It was much easier to see in the night then normal or just high of weed.

  • Awesome info, check out my vids for organic grows and how tos

  • here's 32 seconds of crap…. why do you guys even put these out?

  • In other words: Recent studies show that stoners can now see in the dark…wait a minute, this just in, they finally opened their eyes.
    When asked what did they see in the dark, all they could say was: "it was dark, I was scared & very hungry!".

  • I already read about medicinal purposes concerning nyctalopia. But would it work on a healthy person?
    Science ftw!

  • it fights cancer and gives you super powers and people still want it illegal

  • Might be because of your pupils becoming dilated…

  • Another medicinal propaganda stop lying weedmaps

  • This is the reason I smoke weed.

  • down side the sun is too bright too see during the day..

  • Like what, seeing things greener in d dark ?

  • It dilates your pupils too.

  • this is why we get made fun of

  • i noticed this last week

  • Weedmaps ive been waitting for this video !!! I have been conducting experiments on myself with different cannabis is strains i have Retinitis Pigmentosa & i can say with certain strains i can see more qt night when im medicated then when im not. ???

  • Funny, I have noticed I was able see & do more things in the dark then others.