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People have been asking for a moonrock review for the last few months quite relentlessly, so I thought i’d finally lay down my opinion on what most of them consist of, and how to make your own for a much cheaper price!

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  • the wall has come a long way, its completely covered now

  • intro song?

  • Every time he talks I just can't help but think he's the nicest person ever

  • just watching you smake makes my lungs heart

  • Homemade moon rocks can be amazing but a friend brought his moon rocks he bought and it was awful when I broke it open

  • two things the new intro is so sick and is Josh short for joshua or is it just josh

  • ????? shots fired ?????

  • I made my own and fainted got sent to hospital and then got charged with drug abuse ?

  • I have to disagree, everytime I've gotten moon rocks they have been dank af.
    p.s. finish the smoke in ur bongs lmao. stoner fail.

  • I haven't watched you in about a year and I'm real happy to be back to watching your videos. They always made my day when it was bad and I just wanted to say I love the new intro!!!!

  • In Vancouver we got 2 grams of moonrocks for 36 bucks

  • wouldn't the same logic follow for shatter and oil? you don't know what bud they made it with right? or am I wrong?

  • always dope content being uploaded stay high josh! ✌?️

  • You are the best weedtuber. You have charisma and make your videos interesting

  • This is weird because I got moonrocks for the first time a few days ago. It was kurupts / dr zodiac strawberry hash oil moon rocks. The smell is what sold me. It was worth it to try, because it smelt like I was being punched in the face by strawberries and cream (personal opinion).. anyways, the effects aren't really any more then a fat kief toke.. and the taste was nothing close to the smell. To taste actual strawberries I had to load up about .35 of a gram of moon rocks which is a 10-15$ bowl of weed.. for one hit..

    ALSO… it's pretty much impossible to break apart the nug without getting half the kief on your fingers.. like it's just stupid. I got more stuck to my thumb then in my bowl.

    Realistically, load up a kief/crumble/weed bowl and just smoke it all in one. Or just take a fucking dab and a bong toke

  • I love how he says "weed stores" like that's dreamin where I'm at

  • im just tired of smoking kushy
    i need some moonrock out in cali

  • I've always wanted to try moonrocks but I've always said I would make them myself lol good idea on the salad bowl instead!

  • I agree