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Weed Jars


  • 420 science jars

  • haha soo uhh idk if im just trippin but whats up with that nug just chillin

  • i want one of them jars right there

  • The religious signs do not have anything to make there. Peace ! ;-)

  • Another good kind to get are the 420 Jars from 420 Science. :3

  • @Crynos420 or im a patient at cpa and have met them both…..nimrod

  • @shortmansrq you do know that tang was an equal contributor to mmj bootcamp therefore wouldnt it be fair to say he has as much a right to the way the show was shot? just curious.
    besides tang and chubbs are still friends they just dont do vids

  • @ladron775 you hating is giving them views faggot

  • @ladron775 fucking coon ass bitch

  • @ladron775 Your just mad you don't toke like they do.

  • why is there a random bud hovering near gils arm?

  • @shortmansrq Tang was originally making videos with chubbs.. lmao get the fuck out

  • man i wish i could work with gil and tang! :(

    420scope dot com 

  • im a daqg, brah

  • @maddogy1d Tang's hitting 5 bongs in a row which is a gauntlet.

  • @arodwinusaseries see man your still trollin there videos, like some people are interested on some of these products, sure they want to get views, they are promoting their website with the channel. I'm pretty sure if you posted videos you would want to get views too. 

  • @xRH1NOx whats the gauntlet?

  • All you guys need to stop trollin over the gauntlet video, obviously its going to come out sooner or later,this channel isn't a contest on who can do the biggest hits, its about reviews on weed products and strains, everyone just chill out, smoke a bowl and be patient for the guantlet

  • I'm ripped.

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