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Weed Hacks – How to Pick Up Spilled Weed

Dropped your weed? Don’t trip, we got you! Check out one of our #Weedhacks

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  • Dyson hash

  • I'd NEVER do what they did in this video …. fuck that shit , every time I break up my weed I have a flat portable surface that I break it down on with a bank card along side of it . I use the card to help me scrape up/ pick up the weed I dropped ( very rare I drop my buds ) .

  • No questions, very good !

  • how about nah fam

  • If you were allowed to smoke growing up you haven't earned it. I had to crawl on my stomach through Midwestern mud to covertly consume cannabis since the age of 12, and have fought for legalization while facing oppression from ignorant authority figures my entire life. Bring it on.

  • This entire process is asinine

  • Il take the loss

  • Cancer bowl with all them lints and hairs.

  • IIG

    Great video. Please make Weed Hacks a series!

  • Don't throw your grinder? lol

  • what about lint, hair ,dust . ?

  • RIP spilled kief.

  • or just a card… really.

  • this is so stupid and pointless.. if you dropped your weed on a clean surface, you could just pick it up regularly, by hand (or even scrape it together with a card). if you ever need a vacuum cleaner to pick up weed, then you've dropped weed on a dirty surface, in which case you are sucking up dirt as well.
    just get yourself a rolling tray people, that way you drop your weed onto a clean surface which is easy to use, not to mention stylish

  • Gino gourmet peanut brittle one of the most tasting peanut brittle….show love

  • 2 business cards?

  • If you want to smoke everything else on the ground too i bet this works wonders…

  • holy fuck