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Weed Doc – The Emerald Cup – News Jan 20, 2013

For those of you that do not know, The Emerald Cup is the world’s only outdoor organic cannabis competition. This year’s event took place December 15th, 2012 at the Mateel Community Center in Redway, California. Redway is located in the heart of The Emerald Triangle, an area of Northern California known throughout the world as being the center of the outdoor marijuana cultivation universe. In it’s ninth year, The Emerald Cup has moved from it’s humble beginnings at Area 101 to the much larger Mateel Community Center. It has added sponsors such as WeedMaps, SC Labs, and Skunk Magazine. It has gone from twenty three entries to over two-hundred and has become a true public event. If you get a chance, visit the Emerald Cup which takes place every year after Fall harvest!

Enjoy this first edition of Weed Doc, a new mini-documentary series featuring everything weed, and keep watching after the credits roll for a special treat!

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Detailed Emerald Cup flower and concentrate lab test results plus information about contestants:

The Emerald Cup official website:

Select stage footage and bud macros provided by VJ FOO and the FOO CREW:

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  • whos the idiot that thinks outdoor is dirt weed. you r literally tarded, California IS KNOWN FOR GROWING THE BOMBEST OUTDOOR ON THE PLANET.

  • Are there organic clones? I thought the root hormone makes it a not organic harvest, am I wrong?

  • Northern Cali gots tha best weed I don't give a fuck what anybody else says

  • respect ! #beezle

  • love the video :), what is the music at 13:00 pls.. ty ^^

  • Not a fan of usung names like "green crack"…….potheads should know better.


  • shasta county

  • Went from hunting and fishing to pot? Why not just smoke pot and go fishing?

  • 100% confirmed better if you watch in 50% speed

  • 0:10seaweed??

  • Wow the percentages on the concentrates; 70% THC 10-30% CBD ..;that's really high and almost dangerous if not taken with moderation, also the way it's been processed; what solvents are being used etc …!
    As well as the THC levels on these hydroponic grass; 26% + THC ..that's too much ! 
    A good normal outdoor weed should top off; 15%THC and that's already high …!!
    Where is the good ol' natural grass, bred in the wild, sunbathed, watered with rain or plain water, no fertilizers etc …!
    I guess i'm just an old school smoker ..!

  • Have you guys ever turned on the CC? It's hilariously terrible

  • fuzzy XD

  • As Bill Hicks said: "There's a war on drugs and the people on drugs are winning!"

    Ain't that the truth – lol.

  • I watched a "Weed/Cannabis/Hemp" documentary a long time ago. It was easily the greatest piece of work for 420 fans.

    Tell me if you know what I am talking: (like tell name of the documentary cause I can't find it)
    It either had Emerald Cup and Cannabis Cup, or both, but I don't remember it being all about the competition either, but I definitely know it had the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup.

    They had booths where people talked about weed any why they set up the booth and they specifically talked about these things:
    -Dude had a computer made with like 90% hemp oil
    -Person said that the hemp oil could replace steel, and be like 10x stronger

    The only other things I remember is footage of the little shops in the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, showing who entered.

  • 4:46 That dude is a real life wizard. Look at him. The old disney movie sword in the stone type wizard. The batshit crazy ones that live in libraries. Probably brings his bongs to life…

  • im orderin seeds online so in bout 6 months i have me so plants but it just for smokin no show off or sell

  • i cant help to look at at the pic shown at 3:56, are those webs from spider mites or just ruptured heads?

  • Why do the organic, vegan people always look like they're sick nd pasty weak fucks? Eat some steak and eggs you bitches.