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This is a topic that has been requested probably more than any others that i’ve made, and several months ago I didn’t really know how to address this, as I had never experienced it. After several recent bouts of cannabis induced anxiety, I thought i’d share my opinions and thoughts!

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  • The first time i got real high i got that same sensation in my vision, and i said to my friend "feels like real life became a first person game where i play myself" hahaha, and whe laughed so much, and i didnt even remembered it anymore… Now i'm feeling so nostalgic

  • I love your inspirational outtro

  • lol this is how I feel sober

  • haha once i thought i was dying so i was gonna throw all my weed into the river but then my friend stopped me

  • cannabis reduces my OCD

  • interesting I stopped smoking weed around when I was 20 because all it did was give me massive anxiety. 5 years later I tried smoking again and anxiety again but my desire to smoke weed again increases everyday. I'm not sure if I should continue or not plus weed is illegal in my state only going through the long medical process now and God only knows what I'll be given off the street but I'll keep the cbd in mind.

  • I highly agree with the serotonin theory.

  • I get panic attacks when I don't have weed.

  • from what I've experienced and read, microdosing thc helps anxiety and depression

  • I've had anxiety while consuming a couple times, usually because I don't have anything in my stomach but also when I just keep smoking non stop

  • i from africa i smoke morrocan hashich for 12 years and it make me so anxious social anxiesty also now i stoped since 2 months a go and i still have some anxiety panique attacks -______- any suggession

  • What are CBDs?

  • Hey Josh!,
    how ya going ? sry i was employed the last months.
    But now im back and subbed again. 😀
    Cheers from Germany.
    Still Illegal but medical needed.
    pls Mail back ;)

  • i came across a study a while ago,dont remember exactly where that claimed that your cannabinoids receptors actually become more sensitive with chronic usage instead of being desensitisised.that would explain anxiety

  • Review CBD bud

  • Thank you sooooo much for this video Josh!!! It was such a great help.

  • thanks so much for your video learned a lot

  • I dislike that you can no longer see the dislike bar.

  • Smoke some indica dominant. Will keep ya calm

  • Hey, Thank you very much. It is very comforting to hear that someone else has gone through this and as a lucky Coloradan that had access to some headie CBD strains, I can definitely back your claim that CBD helps. Your recommendations to curb anxiety attacks are also all the methods I tried and in the end it helped… Time and patience are necessary and I would like to echo your words once more – if anyone is going through something like this – it will be ok. Thanks again StrainCentral.