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Washington Dispensary Grow – Pacific NW Medical – News Oct 5 2012 –

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Pacific NW Medical
19926 Aurora Avenue
Shoreline, WA 98133

Take a look inside a Washington dispensary that houses it’s own ultra high-tech grow room. This grow room looked like a lab, and was so clean you could eat off the floor. You know your bud’s fresh when it’s grown in the next room! Visit Pacific NW Medical today and take a look for yourself.

Grow room built by:

Like the music? Here’s the artist info:



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  • The meds are in clear jars and theres a window from the jars to the flower room, the flower room has hps's in it. To clarify, I don't mean the growing plants I mean the dry flowers in jars the next room over. That said I wish more places would do this, I think people need more exposure to the growth of the medicine.

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  • cool ass clinic concept but the light blasting those meds is degrading thc

  • Thank you for today!

  • Sean is the shit! He totally drove through DQ on new year's eve on his way back to the dispensary, and hooked me and a co-worker up with bud and hash samples! This guy really understands and caters to medical patients. He is truly dedicated. I highly suggest this dispensary over any other! Love ya buddy

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