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Voorhees x Hitman Funnel Recycler – (Glass Review)


Today, I got a beautiful piece of glass to review! This is a hitman funnel recycler with a hammer perc that is a collab with Nick Voorhees. One of the most functional heady rigs i’ve hit in quite a while!

Overall this rig gets a [5.9/7]

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  • Where can I get some good glass in Spain?

  • jaw dropping bro

  • Goober Gabe the homie pendents and dabbers are ??? Gabe getting nation wide!!

  • That shit likes like some Voodoo shit ?????? … I curse to damn much smh sorry ?

  • that piece is beautiful
    papa bless

  • VHORES !@

  • I was too high to even notice the cringe

  • Awesome

  • Hey Josh…..the Voorhees look sooooo much like pieces from the Mountain Man……are they one in the same ???

  • i had a dream i met you and you were like the nicest dude ever and we were gonna smoke but then i woke up:((

  • You are so awesome Josh, you just repeat yourself to much man… Not even about your messages about positivity, i think you should repeat that. But about saying the same shit about the same products every damn episode lol. Its alright though, it doesnt keep me from enjoying a nice episode :)

  • This rig is creepy looking. Beautiful, but creepy.

  • Sick video man! new weed channel here. we do as suggested. and pipe/vape/bong and all sorts of other reviews. and we're going to be doing 'can you bong it' only if we get some views though. thanks! remember. blaze up

  • he updated his microphone

  • Could you review the 7-Pipe twisty glass blunt, im thinking of getting it but there aren't any good reviews so i'm kinda skeptical.

  • it sounds like a torlet flushing

  • That piece the heads can fall off if those things break looks fragile there

  • I need you saying "and today" for a ringtone.

  • Is your hitman also chineese like your gravlabs pieces?

  • #vrhs