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“Vivant Alternate” – (Product Review)


So I had quite a few people suggesting that I get my hands on one of these Vivant Alternate’s! I’m MORE than glad that I did!! This is an affordable convection/conduction vape that’ll get the job done!!
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  • thank you for the vid and info. i now know why i was disappointed with my vap and i am going to go back and try it for a few weeks just vaping and being more aware of the effects and time it takes to feel them. high from holland…cheers

  • "What's up everyone! My name would be Josh, but today I'm David."

  • Josh I can see where you edited something out


  • Are you gonna talk about the peer reviewed papers claiming that cannabis smoke contains a number of carcinogens similar to cigarette smoke?

  • I really enjoy your videos, will you be at the socal cannabis cup?

  • So what do you think is your favorite vape you have reviewed?

  • Fake News

  • I actually enjoy the product reviews a lot!

  • What would you recommend more, this or the g pen elite?

  • Someone photoshop Josh's face on a caveman's body.

  • great video, great content, price would be helpful, learned a ton. thank you for doing videos?

  • "but enough rambling, let's test it out." ……. talks for another two and a half minutes

  • you need to cut that hair off… like if you agree

  • everything you said about switching from combustion to vaporizing is 100% true. I have the vivant. One of many vapes. Great vape for the price. Excellent flavor and the vapor is really cool when airflow is open. Firmware update allows you to up the cycle time.

  • Using a Vaporizer like the Vulcano and a bag still can give you a good rush.

  • You should get a canagar

  • Your intro is the best

  • this guy is so nonsense, the shit he said at the end was so wierd, but then again I'm pretty baked.

  • Hej Josh, I was looking at the website and it says its a full convection, not convection/conduction. I could be wrong but that is what the website currently says.