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“VC35G Vaporizer” – (Product Review)


Today i’m doing a review on the VapeCode “VC35G” dry herb vaporizer! It’s a handheld vaporizer that includes a water bubbler attachment! Definitely quite the interesting idea!!

Overall I give the VC35G a rating of [4.2/7]

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  • I bought one a couple days before xmas and they shipped me a black one!!! while it was being shipped i was like dude I wish it was black cause i personally feel black vapes look better to me than blue. when it got here it had a small black circular sticker on the box but the box had the original blue logo. to my amazement i got a black one and im the only one so far ive heard of that has a black one.

  • Seems like after you take a pull, the product gets sucked to the top of the box making it impossible to get a second hit. I always have to take the top off and push the green back down to get a second hit. Just my experience.

  • What is your favorite vaporizer that is under $75

  • Your favorite ways to smoke video?

  • Where can I purchase this? I haven't been able to find any websites selling it.

  • nice videos man

  • You should try cloudvapes aka cvapes they also have a non-spill Aqua bubbler but I believe it is way smaller

  • You should try cloudvapes aka cvapes they also have a non-spill Aqua bubbler but I believe it is way smaller

  • Real question is how long does it take to get high or does it just waste your weed? Pls answer

  • Josh, i lost my dabber/poker tool i got with that vaporizer can you send me one of the fifteen you have.

  • ever try the pax?

  • some drug dealer spiked my heroin with weed… he could have killed me!

  • just so u know I've been watching all your videos & gaming, just been lerking like u like to do ,lol ,YouTube psychology ,that was a good one keep us wondering why he said that,? lol ,,,,kool smoking device ,,& I also seen u at hemp fest I just stayed in the cut ,watching who was on security ,nice video bro keepem coming ,,Cheers from Gotham city ? white rhino / blue cheese

  • Peace bruh! Im really diggin the g420c pen! thanks again. what would b ur preference between the g420c n this vape? im sure i already know, haha. ive never tried a herb vape

  • I dug this review, I have used a G Pen Pro and it burned my mouth quite often, and left a nasty rubber flavor instead of an herb flavor, all in all, I didn't like the G Pen or it's design, or any of the similarly designed vapes.

    The number one thing I dislike, it's constantly cooking, so you do lose a considerable amount of vapor over other devices or a tabletop.

  • omg you are so great! love your vids :)

  • I have experienced that if you start the draw slow and light but gradually draw harder at a consistent pace, it will milk up something fierce. This has been my experience with any vape that didn't have forced air i.e. Volcanos.

  • Have you went vegan? You're looking too thin bro 

  • You should review the new pax! I'm sure they would send one in to you to review! Cheers man!

  • Song at 4:00 ?