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Vaporizer Review: The Diamond from Cloud Vapes

Vaporizer Review: The Diamond from Cloud Vapes
Vaporizer Review: The Diamond from Cloud Vapes

Hello PNW followers! Thanks for joining us for another review! Today we’re talking about the Diamond Vaporizer from Cloud Vapes. Here are the PNWCR HQ we’ve tested several dry flower vaporizers and so we were glad to get another from our friends over at Cloud.

The Diamond:

The Diamond comes in quality cardboard packaging like most Cloud items. Inside the box you find:

  • Cloud Diamond Vaporizer
  • Charging USB Cable
  • Wall Plug
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Packing Tool
  • Owner’s Manual

We’ve never been less than impressed with Cloud’s packaging and it’s nice to see that they still uphold those standards.

Using the Diamond:

As you see in the video above, this has a LED readout with a variable temperature setting. This means you can set the unit to your perfect hit.

Five clicks to the power button turns it on, and the light blinks while it’s heating. Once it’s solid on the unit is ready and you can draw your hit without having to hit any buttons to do so. The unit stays on for five minutes, allowing you to hit it several times. The size of the hit you get depends on how you draw on the unit. Drawing fast and hard will give you a smaller cloud where a slow, even draw will pull the heat through the entire chamber and give you a larger cloud. You just have to experiment with it to get the best hit with the best flavors.

When you’ve hit it a few times all you’re left with is brown material that looks vaguely of dried tobacco. This is the vaporized flower that is left behind.

If you’re looking for clouds of vapor this is NOT the unit for you. This unit only produces a small amount of vapor that you absorb almost ALL of when you inhale so there is very little vapor released on the exhale.

Care and Maintenance:

Cleaning the unit is fairly simple. You can keep it mainly clean with the provided brush, however it will gum up eventually and you can’t separate the chamber from the atomizer. That’s why it got a low cleanliness score. You can clean the mouthpiece and use a Q-tip with alcohol to clean out the inside of the unit but there is no way to soak or really clean the inside of the chamber.


This unit has a few flaws. First, the size of the unit means that the heating element is very close to the mouthpiece. That means it gets VERY hot, especially if you vape a few bowls in a row quickly.

The size also means you can only load a small amount. That means you need more bowls in a row if you’re a seasoned smoker.  That leads you to the first flaw, it’s a bit circular there.

There you have it! The Diamond from Cloud Vapes. I know the price of $129.99 was pretty steep for a vaporizer without a water attachment. BUT, its quite discreet and works very well so it does receive the PNWCR Badge of Approval!!

Vaporizer Review: The Diamond from Cloud Vapes




Ease of Use









  • Easy to use
  • Digital readout with variable temperature settings
  • Discreet, fits in the palm of your hand
  • Even heating in ceramic chamber
  • Vaporizing is healthier


  • Mouthpiece gets VERY hot
  • Only holds a small amount of flower
  • A bit expensive for the size
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