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“VaporFi Atom” – (Product Review)


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So the VaporFi Atom is a dry herb conduction vaporizer that is not only sturdy, but sleak, and functional! It has a stainless steel chamber with a magnetic base & a food grade silicone mouthpiece!

Overall I give this Atom a solid [5.9/7]

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • I've been wathing your videos for a little over a year now and I gotta say you're awesome man , keep making great videos ;)

  • Look like a copy of pax

  • Is this even worth it if all you can get is some brick weed?

  • Do vaporizers get you higher than joints?

  • I know it's a sponsored vid and all. But I love to see some quality herb vaporizers. Such a difference

  • intro Song ?

  • "SUCK START A FUCKIN HARLEY" ?????Josh im FUCKIN dead ?????

  • Pax 1S

  • I got the flowermate mini. Pretty AWSOME

  • ????????????????????????????????????????

  • I live in California man my head is always uplifted lol

  • Hey Josh , this is Gary from California as you know the recreational marijuana law just passed , do you think that will drive up prices ?

  • this dude really got a play button tatted on him lmao

  • Conduction vs Convection broken down to stoner language is basically typical flower smoking methods vs dabbing. Smoking a bowl you directly put fire on the flower [conduction] vs dabbing where you are heating banger or nail first and then using that indirect heat to melt your oil [convection].

  • "Suck start a Harley"? That's a new one, got me laugh josh.

  • You are funny and too cute for words. JUst tell me what is the point of thicker "smoke". And if it's not combusting, why call it "smoke".

  • 4:12 REed lol Just like your hair josh! :D

  • I bought a firefly 2. I hate it! Costly buyers remorse.
    I trust this dude but so many of these reviews I think are bought and pad for by the companies that give them to YouTubers for review.

  • yo straincentral why your YT nameso long bro beans

  • why hasn't this guy hit 1 mill yet he does great videos

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