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“UW” – (Strain Review)


The genetics to “UW” are unknown, but the story behind it is quite interesting! This is a strain that’s almost mythical in origin at this point, but leaves for an awesome story!

UW is a great strain for Pain, Depression, and Stress. I give it an overall [6.3/7]

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  • the ending killed me

  • Man i dont even get high no more my tolerance to high ?

  • Those close ups gave me a hard on

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  • I smoke before I run I wait until the coughing stops then good for a 3 mile run nothing is wrong with my breathing and I run a 6 min mile. all this nonsense about pot heads not being able to contribute to society is load of crap media and the government has made all this up keep it illegal

  • Hi Josh, could you please review some very popural strains ( like Lemon haze, OG kush, Maui Waui etc ) that people from illegal are more likely to sumble across? Peace :)


  • "Alice in Wonderland" blurs my vision. Shit is straight fire

  • Looks like a nice paki, the visual could pass for the Deep Chunk from Tom Hill. Low yeilder but fire breeder.

  • 7:44 nice voicecrack josh

  • simply beautiful.

  • Josh may you do a strain review on Hindu Kush it's one of my favorite Strain

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  • what vape is that ?

  • those colors , this bud , that josh !

  • That Husky piss??

  • Do a review on kk

  • Get a dub of UW? A U dub dub? Haha super ripped <3

  • Josh we need 4k bud.