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Sorry I haven’t had videos uploaded these last few days all, moving has been much more hectic than expected! Should have a full apartment tour, once I get the rest of my furniture moved in tomorrow. Much love to you all for your patience! 😛

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  • What's the second channel

  • good to see you got moved in josh! and good on ya for all the new subs, 225k is killer!! ive been watching now a long long time and its been great to see your channel through from pretty much the start, cheers buddy! ill come through when i see ya on twitch next!

  • # freejolie

  • if you do it daily, then you'll see 2 million in one year

  • You look fancy!!!! Cheers!

  • What is the second channel name?

  • Josh is the shit

  • You are the homie josh!

  • did he say that he had a second channel??

  • y he move tho…

  • Josh where is CustomGrow420?

  • Josh do u do other drugs?

  • Strain central. Hey listen to mac while ur high. Some good stuff bro. Positive music

  • After 4:31 he gets up and realises that hes done acting. And time to do his own thing

  • glad you are back josh!!!

  • great to have you back..

  • Josh you are living the dream.

  • u should do a hotbox video with customgrow….js

  • where's coustomgrow at

  • love your videos, been watching your videos forever haha keep doing what you're doing bc you're a youtube master of the cannabis world