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I’m finally back after a week of craziness!! I’m super sorry for the delay in videos guys, It was simply out of my control!! Today I thought i’d bust out all my glass and have a nice long session with you all!

In this episode, i’m smoking on some Blue Dream and dabbing on some Catalyst shatter.


  • funny how your videos dont disappear with computer issues unlike other weedtubers..cough 

  • ?I know someone with MAD graphic design skills and he actually just got a legit job doing it. If you haven't found anyone yet, hit me up…

  • Everytime I check in with you, YOURE BEASTIN!
    I consider youtube my archive. Takes up too much room on my phone so I put it on the Internet for everyone to see. Sorry to hear about your bad luck, I gotta get back to making content.

    Cheer$ SC 

  • Name of the first song?

  • I'm glad Josh is back to putting out 😀 0:44

  • Lets play gta v  =D

  • Haha, when you said "It's got electrolytes" I fucking lost it man. It reminded me of the Brawndo beverage in the movie Idiocracy! This is the first time I watch your channel, I'm enjoying it!

  • Good to see you back man! You've been putting out some awesome content lately, keep up the good work. Ive really been liking the concentrate reviews!

  • vitamin b12 makes your piss yellow. or you can just eat a greasy burger before the test and I think you should research sur gel . its this stuff used to make jello and jelly and basically you get a 20 oz bottle of water dump the pack it (taste like extreme sour candy minus the sweet) shake it up and drink it then take a piss about a hour afterward to get the leftover piss you had in your system out. then you can piss clean for3 hours after this because the sur gel acts as a sponge because you drank jello so any drugs in your piss passing through get cought in it. ive had to do this for a court date and smoked 2 days before and passed and am a very very heavy smoker since I was 14  

  • thts crazy bro smoking on platinum blue dream flowers right now what are the odds

  • Can you maybe smoke more out of blunts and joints rather than always bongs, pipes ect

  • Im a German graphic Designer 🙂 just comment a vid or something i will
    try to help you 

  • Can you do a video on the difference of wax, dabs, concentrates, shader it's all confusing to remember 

  • Was wondering where you've been. Hard drives dying is one of my greatest fears. Need backups for your backups! Haha. Good to see you back. Peace. :)

  • damn josh. just finishing up ,my Business management degree…. if you wouldve posted this like next year i wouldve been doing graphic design!

    also,if i were a contest winner id be more happy that its still in your hands than getting fucked in the mail.
    cheers from idaho!

  • Glad your back mang!!! Cheers my bro!!

  • Cheers bro. Stay Toasted. Smoking some Desert Diesel with yah. All good Send it when yah can. 

  • thanks for the vid and as always stay safe and stay medicated