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Just decided to do a stoney rambly update session today! Dabbing on some Jilly Bean, Agent Orange, and Royal Purple. All made by Refine Seattle and snagged from Center St. Collective.


  • smokin on a C2 bubbler ­čśÇ cheers´╗┐

  • I would like to see more reviews of the waxes and the flowers and especially the royal purple and I think it's really cool how you're getting more glass pieces I was smoking out of a glass bong if you check out my other video but it broke so I'm smoking out of my metal ice bong´╗┐

  • Must be some really good shit to get you lit that fast and can't open your eyes cheeeeeerrrrrrsssss!!!!!!´╗┐

  • Nice vids I like watching your vids you should make a special montage of you smoking bongs dabs blunts joints fat hits all that good shit and I'm helluh lit of that gods gift indoor & gods gift wax from the club 25 half a gram good shit well stay up can't wait for more videos´╗┐

  • Smoking on some super lemon haze shatter using a hand blown pendency rig made by my homie at a local shop ´╗┐

  • i gots some W.M.D.´╗┐

  • the green way is my way´╗┐

  • Hittin my beaker bong with ice notches haha smokin on some chronic idk the strain XD´╗┐

  • Blazing some skunky diesel. Absolutely love your videos and your channel has become my favorite. Keep it up! Cheers cheers cheers cheers ?

  • Always smokin out of glass. Thanks for the update and also thanks for the advice the other day on starting up a channel. I'll definitely let you know when I do my 1st video. Good luck on job searching. Peace & Love´╗┐

  • Cheers! Smoking some GDP and white rhino with you out of my bong :). I also recently had to do some sort of update video ­čśŤ haha ´╗┐

  • ?´╗┐

  • dabbing some shark shock with the high cbd, different. hope you stay saf and stay medicated┬á´╗┐

  • Stop thinking about coughing as a bad thing. The more you cough the higher you get right?´╗┐

  • Lol man tht cough dance tho im going to start useing the #doihaveuraproval´╗┐

  • love videos wish had all that weed´╗┐

  • I am dabbing on some GSC shatter & Sour D shatter. My rig is an Eon Crunk 2014 Mini Tube. Cheers homie┬á´╗┐

  • a million cheers! haha. less than a month away till we vote here in FL, getting anxious.´╗┐

  • congrats on interview hope all goes well…….cheers!!´╗┐