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UNBREAKABLE PIPE! (Genius Pipe – Product Review)



Thought i’d finally get around to reviewing one of these new Genius pipes! 😛 This thing is absolutely insane. Basically indestructible, but also super portable!

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  • you're cute! love the positivity. xo

  • Have one it's ok but yeah will still cough some. The larger hole actually is for the G stone for concentrates which they apparently didn't try to have josh review because it wouldn't have passed his standard. For those saying f that it's $89 well that's the cheapest ones if you want one with cool design $120 plus $9 shipping on all of them. It's ok just not as good as they try to make it sound.

  • That was a useful review for myself. I was thinking of buying one because of their "no cough" claim. Even my vaporizer, on low heat, makes me cough. Sounds like this will not fill my requirement.

  • i used to do research into alzheimer's and aluminum. you can induce alzheimer's disease in rabbits by giving them aluminum in the brain. so there is research. loving these reviews too.

  • I mean the things kool but if I needed somthin like that I'd get me one of the lil one hitter bullets like back in the day u kno those little one hitters that where shaped like a bullet an they where metal u could literally pack a gram in them then screw on the lil cap an that cap had just a big enough hole In it for air flow an for the flame then when u where done takin a hit it would snuff its self out then u could jus throw it In ur pocket an go those are the good ones if ur in the market for this type of portable pipe an these where only 10 bucks yo

  • so nothing about how the pipe cools down the smoke?

  • For 85 bucks they can keep the pipe.

  • dude you're awesome just moved from TX to Washington and man I'm loving the plants here cheerz

  • Are u sure u aren't supposed to use the bigger hole to light it lol

  • wat is that thing he uses to light it

  • your using it wrong the small hole is for while in windy situations and the claim is not indestructible its a cough free

  • Hey.. Food service? I don't want folks getting stoned while serving or making my food. Skip the bowl for after work.

  • Josh you are very intriguing articulate person. I like your ending statement about being positive and keeping your head up. Thanks for doing the show buddy!

  • OMG!! ?? MY TRYPOPHOBIA!!! When you zoomed in the the dimples.

  • failed to mention that POS is $100 plus

  • I once tried a joint with 0.3 grams (pure) and after that I started noticing the effect almost right away. For me, it was this kinda weird time perception, where everything seemed to slow down and then accelerate again. This effect came and went in waves. Also, when I was speaking to someone, I first knew what exactly I said, but after a few moments, I did wonder if I just came across as weird or if I talked to them the way I talk usually. Same with my Focus, it came and went in waves. Over all, I´d say I had control over myself, but for me that experience wasn´t what I was looking for, course  I wanted to be able to keep my thoughts together. This was my first real high I got (I´m 25 btw and just want to experience something new, after informing myself about Canabis and it´s many uses.) Is there a way for a feel-good, clear-head and active/motivated high ? Now, I couldn´t imagine consuming as much of it like in this video and still talk and behave normally. Is this like getting used to it, or is it maybe a different effect or strain ?

  • Send me one of those mofo's!!! I'm a disabled vet so of course I don't have the money!!!

  • they should add a mesh grinder kinda like a a grinder card

  • @StrainCentral You said you could also smoke concentrates out of the geniuspipe? I think you should do a separate video where you smoke flowers and then concentrates in it! ??