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Tsunami “Eruption” & “High Wave” Vaporizers – (Product Reviews)


Tsunami sent me over two vapes to do a review on this afternoon! The Eruption is a convection dry herb & wax vaporizer that provides quite quality vapor for its price point. The High Wave is a water filtered wax vaporizer that may not be the most subtle, but definitely gets the job done!

Eruption – [5.2/7] – (
High Wave – [5/7] – (

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  • рыжой ты кокгда камеру поменяешь? не пизди что денег нету

  • I love the crafty, having owned/still own one, but why does every vape that has come out in the past 3 months have to steal its looks and design in a shittier way…

  • Will you ever do a pax review

  • how much do you spend on herbs each month for personal use, not including what you smoke simply for ur video's?

  • The Eruption can use flower, wax or oil, actually. I'd have to say, the High Wave at its price point is the best I've seen lately. There are several that look like the Eruption at around the same price.

  • 2:10 accidently slipped up on the heating technologies

  • Do a review/vid on the solo pipe

  • This is a shitty ass Chinese vape that you're trying to sell us on, to potentially get some credit with the company. Again, another C class product that you want to oversell us on to make money. HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO SAY THIS. TO HAVE GOOD PRODUCTS YOU HAVE TO RATE SOME PRODUCTS POORLY. I know you try to only sample "QUALITY PRODUCTS" and thats why they "all get a high rating" but come on man. Do you not understand the simple dynamics of customer loyalty. EVERY PRODUCT YOU SEEM TO REVIEW HAS A GREAT RATING. stop. Its too much. Focus on good content. Thats it.

  • Hey Josh! Do you still recommend the G4:20-C? I've been thinking of picking it up.

  • you should try doing a review on the new DaVinci IQ vaporizer

  • Nice product josh cheers

  • You should make weed lean

  • 2:10 anyone else notice ahahahah!!

  • best affordable dry herb vape???

  • Josh you should hit up Ashley and do another collab

  • one looks like a tazor and one looks like a juice box lol

  • Arizer Air is ?

  • Unit. That's all i really wanted to say. lol

  • PAX 3 review soon????