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“True OG” (Strain Review)


True OG is a High Times Cannabis Cup award winning Indica strain. The taste is very interesting.. I think the word I was looking for in this video was pungent! It’s just a pungent kushy perfection!!

The high is very relaxing and euphoric. Would be great for those suffering from Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Nausea, Insomnia, ADD/ADHD and Migraines. Overall I give it a [6.6/7]


  • Huh. Are you sure that is True OG? It looks exactly like original OG Kush. I've had True OG a couple of times, and it didn't look anything like that. I find the original OG Kush to be far superior.

  • this video is awesome cause I been watching a few and didn't notice you had an "elemental" strain review..we're rippin on some fifth element and gummy bears and I know the feeling.

  • I love true og! it's one of my favorites, I got a zip of it from 8th wonder in spanaway Washington and I found a seed! well see if she pops! I'll be stoked if it does. stay lifted bro!

  • I know how to explain maybe… it's like if you take a big rip that you end up coughing a lot but then you take another and it takes that nasty feeling out your throat away because it's so good

  • True OG is a fine flower probably one of the more relaxing OG strains out there. The flavor is pretty nice on it too, but I prefer that lemon/pine flavor to my OG's. Still top notch tho! Nice vid bro

  • True OG..its good stuff. Sweet, subtle flavor

  • Elemental Wellness is my local go to spot, i got some of the this today, smells so tasty i cant wait to try it.

  • outdoor kush looks , smokes and smell better than this indoor

  • What video editing software are you using ? Is it easy to use? I'm thinking about using Sony Vegas pro 12.

  • Lol. I love it! Im smoking the same true og. Lol. So dank and kushy! Shouts out to the galaxy on raineer. Urban healing. Elemental seeds thanks for the love!

  • Great video bro I subscribed! 

  • Waiting for that OG Kush joint……:)

  • This was a good vid.. Could you do a video on what it is like to dab vs smoking buds… I have never done a dab.. I don't have a pipe for it or a torch and I don't have access to anything besides flowers.. How different are the highs.. the tastes.. some advice on what to look for on things surrounding dabs like what the product should look like etc..

  • could you do a strain review on khalifa kush?

  • Dayym that must of got you so high or just some bomb ass tree and I'm smoking some fire OG lmao just a 15 of it but nice video I gotta go buy some true OG from the club 

  • Dear Mr,I send you several E-mails to your gmail but get no reply,could you please offer a product review for us?

  • thanks for responding to everyone of my comments so far! and i love how you do the research on the flowers and oils….very informational 

  • Yo man were do u get ur beats for ur videos

  • hey men 1.5 weed bubba kush ou og kush defi 😉 

  • What kind of bong is he using?