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Thought i’d go ahead and have a quick dab sesh while I update y’all on a couple things that are going on in the StrainCentral community!!

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  • I don't really enjoy watching dabs:/ I prefer buds of people rolling then smoking joints

  • You know you're rich when you drop a dab on the floor and leave it there

  • wtf happened to your face man ? are you doing meth ?

  • Hi, try to smoke the traditional Russian way -Wet Bong, characteristic is that it consists of two plastic bottles (ahahahah saving money) and it can be done in 1 min. I think you like it)

  • Anyone know what the intro song is called?

  • It says you discord invite is invalid for me

  • desde hace un par de meses que veo tus vídeos y realmente nunca me anime a dejar un comentario jajajajaj , yo soy de Chile y eh tenido que soportar muchas criticas de personas ignorantes que ya sea por el gobierno o por la misma sociedad en la que han sido criados han catalogado de mala manera a nosotros quienes la consumimos, pero con el pasar de los años eh visto como esto ah ido cambiando de manera muy progresiva y ahora solo falta esperar que se legalice de forma completa (ruego que asi sea jajaaj) , gracias por toda la información que compartes.
    saludos desde Chilee

  • How he says "slightly homeless"??

  • What do you use in your hair to keep it from falling in your face? I cant keep mine from falling. Ive been watching you for almost a year and I havent thought to ask you till now. Prolly cuz Im supa stoned

  • What the fuck happened to you ? lmao

  • Strain and today are your fav words ?

  • Im dabbing on 3 gs of sour diesel with my roadrunner ?

  • When ur Canadian and illegally buy dabs for insane money and somebody doesn't smoke a floor dab

  • I literally coughed for you on that first dab

  • Josh.
    I need a new like, 20 minute video to smoke to. By the time I packed the bowl again you're done lol.

    Any topic

  • hey Josh watch your diet bro, change your pillow cases more often

  • I guess everyone in these comments has perfect skin then huh?

    You want a video or not?! I do!

  • Blue Dream here cheers?

  • I'm high as fuck

  • I'm a 21 year old who still gets acne