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TRAVEL LOG #1 – “Jenver”


(Denver – August 1st-5th, 2016)

So I thought since i’d be doing a good bit of traveling over these next few months, that i’d start a new series that is basically just a recap/travel log of pictures & videos from the trip, as I explain what all happened. These are mostly for my own sake, but I hope you enjoy them as well! 😛





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  • Rocky Mountain turbulence! Hope you come back to beautiful Colorado!!

  • This was Grade A awesome content. Story telling with videos are always good watching! Cheers Josh!

  • What does Jenver mean?

  • Douchiest trip ever!

  • sasha will be my wife one day

  • I was the thousandth like. That was cool. Time to go to bed. Day accomplished.

  • why didnt you guys meetup with crutch420 he lives in denver i thought

  • five more likes till a thousand

  • kind love is my fav place in Denver to go

  • Sasha is freakin perfection!!

  • Take a dab everytime Josh says awesome.

  • Josh, is it difficult to find legitimate blue dream. I know you did a review which was awesome.

  • Do a video showing how you're a "Stoner" and can still be athletic and able to run and shit

  • Hows that upline rig you just got bro?

  • Just fuck Sasha already

  • That stache tho~

  • I'm so glad my city could show you guys a good time. too bad i live in Arkansas now and wasn't actually there when you were :(

  • Hey Josh awesome to see you vlogging. You should try recording more video with your DSLR and then narrate over the video

  • Good video Josh! The next time you're in CO, if you liked Boulder, come visit us in Fort Collins too. We have a crazy amount of micro-breweries including New Belgium and O'Dell's, some fantastic dispensaries, and we'd love to sesh with you!

  • I love your speeches man, they always motivated myself to do something that I love.
    Thanks Josh, you are my idol ✌?️??