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Tour of the Red Light District

Come take a tour with Gil as he strolls along the streets of the Red Light District in Amsterdam!


  • They don't want any more French in Amsterdam… So, GET TO FUCK OFF !!! One does not need more you guys… Peace !

  • Everyone saying that tourists are banned are wrong! IF it happens, which a lot of people say it wont, it will happen on 1/1/2013

  • @TheReal10Guy lol only took 6 months for a response i love your username, do you go on r/trees ?

  • sucks that they banned foreighners in amsterdam

  • Music did NOT go well, more ambient music is a whole lot better.

  • Hahaha Ehh Gil seen all vids love em all.You straight G in this one rollin, bumpin,tokin,in Amsterdam.One question do you bump Biggie Smalls?

  • @marcoez123 oh shit, sorry, i take back that question. i just watched the video again and relized it tells you the music at the end. wow. missed that, thanks nugpron. thats really helpfull.

  • Can some one please tell me the song at the begining and the one after that?? please help if you can.

  • 1:42

  • very hard to hear what you're saying over the music

  • @wonderbread141 agreed. i still gave it a thumbs up though

  • wow this audio is not good