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“Torrid E-Nail” – (Product Review)


The White Rhino Torrid is a cordless, portable, re-chargeable “E-Nail”. It is a triple coil vaporizer that can fit into any 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm female/male glass.

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  • 420th like haha. nice product reviews josh very unbiased and professional. cheers. (y)

  • looks like a smart idea just executed poorly

  • Buy an rda buy kanthal or titanium wire make a stove top design with the coils place wax on top congrats you got the best portable wax vape.

  • I don't think I'm interested in this product it's nothing compared to torches

  • this thing is huge, no thanks

  • why dont you just get a vape for way cheaper with coils that a way easier and cheaper to replace and then you dont have to bring a rig with you too

  • $130???? No thanks..

  • hey droppy, josh would be dropping things!

  • its a waste of greenbacks

  • I used to only use these types of coils when I first started with concentrates. You really gotta flood them with oil first before it starts ripping pretty well. You end up wasting some shatter while you're workin it, but once you have them the way you want, it's a good portable way to dab. Cheers!

  • I got a purple one :3

  • Gotta put alot more wax in it then itl milk up.

  • plz dont review complete garbage

  • nice review, didn't need the life lesson at the ending though

  • Junk product. But good review though.

  • I'll buy it off you I can't afford a new one

  • you don't seem like your normal happy high self in this video

  • fail