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Toronto Global Marijuana March 2016 in Toronto, ON

The Weedmaps crew marched alongside marijuana supporters, enthusiasts, and activists for the 18th annual Toronto Global Marijuana March (GMM) on May 7th, 2016. The Toronto GMM is one of the world’s largest marijuana marches in the world attracting upwards of 20,000+ people to downtown Toronto. We support GMM’s efforts and are proud to sponsor this impactful march.

The GMM crowd gathers behind the provincial Queen’s Park legislature at HIGH NOON before the march began at 2pm north of the park. The peaceful celebration has never had any arrests in the event’s 17-year history. The GMM is Toronto’s largest Spring outdoor gatherings generating millions of dollars to the local economy.

By coming together and supporting marijuana legalization we draw positive attention to the subject of medical marijuana and will bring an end to marijuana prohibition.


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  • fast forward to may 26, Toronto police fuck over thousands of cannibis patients ! It's time for a REVOLUTION ! !!!!!!

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  • at 1:00 dude looked like Tupac

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  • world-wide cannabis march would be the honest name for it.. Weednaps pushing the globe 🙂 Legalize emmidiately!! Then we would be spaced out xD

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  • give Damon the testing show that Gill hosts.